About Me

I’m Martha Munnecke

Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas I remember as a youngster visiting antique shops and historic houses and also living with some lovely antiques in our home. I began collecting for myself the first year Ted and I were married more than 50 years ago; it was actually a wedding gift, a wonderful copper tea kettle, still much treasured today. I believe antiques enrich your life just as they enrich any room in which they are placed. Antiques and heirlooms should be visible and touchable whenever possible. Use and enjoy! After teaching elementary grades for 27 years in a fine public school system, I opened Tamunn Farm Antiques almost 20 years ago. I have participated in 3 shows, but I much prefer greeting customers in my friendly, well displayed shop. I look forward to welcoming you and answering your questions about any antiques you see in the shop.